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Available training has a direct connection to an authentic lineage. We are not a big commercialized “Black Belt factory” with a few hundred students and a focus on monetary reasons for karate, but a small family atmosphere run school focusing on training our students to become better people through the martial arts. Classes are taught in a traditional manner as they were long ago and the same way they are in Okinawa, Japan today.

We teach our young students out “triangle of teaching for success” by encouraging them to do well in three areas; home, school and in Karate. All of our Black Belt instructors test under the direct supervision of Master Tadashi Yamashita which prevents our system from becoming “Watered down.” Master Yamashita does come to inspect the school 1 to 2 times per year to make sure the level of teaching is to his expectations.

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Monday - Friday 5pm - 7pm
Saturday 10:30am - 1pm