Franklin Rathbun


For Franklin Rathbun, who began working as a sales associate at Valenti Ford on Nov. 1, selling automobiles is a whole new experience. He describes it as challenging but gratifying.

“It makes you feel really good when you see that happy face when they see that new vehicle home,” he says. “That really makes my day.”

Rathbun’s family was involved in the charter fishing business for more than 70 years. Rathbun, 61, spent more than 30 years helping to run these charters, taking over for his father upon his retirement. He first joined the company after graduating from Fitch Senior High School.

Rathbun spent some time working in an oil company, but missed the interaction with people he had enjoyed in charter fishing. He was hired at Valenti after applying to the company at a job fair.

“They’ve been exceedingly helpful in the training,” he says. “It’s such a pleasure to go into work every day.”

Rathbun says he appreciates that Valenti is a family-run business. He also believes that the company is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

“They take extreme pride in making sure the customers are happy,” he says. “I think that’s the main goal of Valenti.”

To contact Rathbun, call 860-245-2399 extension 248 or 860-961-2701.