Business profile: AT&T Store The importance of live customer support


The importance of live customer support

There are plenty of places that promise customer support, but instead direct you to a labyrinth of unhelpful phone prompts or an online At&Tform that goes unanswered. When it comes to truly helping someone who has a question or problem with a product, the ability to talk with a person is invaluable.

At the AT&T store in the Crystal Mall in Waterford, a full-time staff is always available to help customers find a solution. The store has consistently ranked in the top three for customer service in New England.

“We always tell people to not even bother to call customer service, to just come in and see us,” says Matt Mulholland, retail sales consultant at the store. “It’s a lot easier to see us in person so we can help you out.”

Matt says there is a beneficial relationship between the AT&T store, which is a Valenti’s List partner, and the Valenti Family of Dealerships. Many of the store’s employees have purchased their vehicles through Valenti, and the several Valenti employees have made the switch to AT&T through their interactions with the store’s sales staff.

The AT&T store can assist customers in areas such as phone upgrades, tablets, home security and automation, small business solutions, and DirectTV service. For more information,

Call: 860-439-0198.